The darce choke (or d’arce), also called ‘no gi brabo choke’ (not to confuse with the standard brabo choke), in Portuguese often called triângulo de braço invertido or even triângulo de mão, is a choke used in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, MMA and other grappling sports which is a variation of the katagatame (arm triangle) and the anaconda chokes. The difference between the darce and the anaconda choke lies on the positioning of the ‘lock’, which ultimately defines the way the pressure should be exerted. The darce choke is applied by wrapping both arms around the opponent’s neck, leaving one arm inside and another one outside this hold. The name ‘darce’ derives from an American grappler by the name of Joe D’arce, famed for his use of the choke, though the actual choke may have originated in Germany, created by a luta livre esportiva competitor called Björn Dag Lagerström.

Key Points from Coach Andrew

  1. During rolling look for opportunities to lasso a head and arm
    • When you have your opponent in side control they should be turning on their side and frame.
      • Look for the opportunity to get your leg side hand into your opponent’s armpit. Bring you your hands together to create the lasso using the forearm to drive your opponents head towards their own belly.
      • Your goal is to get your hand under your opponent’s arm and head and create a head and arm cradle.
      • Stuff your opponent’s head.
    • Attack when opponent is in Turtle
      • Ear to opponent’s back then shoot your arm through and push opponent’s head down.
      • Pull opponent’s nose to his knee to rotate opponent down.
    • From mount let the mouse run.
      • Bring leg over opponent’s head. Opponent will use a shot put defense which will open opponent to head and arm cradle.
    • When opponent is in your butterfly guard.
      • Arm drag then punch arm through to Darce position of head arm cradle.
      • Connect own arms then roll opponent to Darce position.
    • From Knee Ride
      • Opponent pushes knee on belly away which exposes the Darce trap.
    • If opponent blocks Darce ‘Rock the baby’ and move to Anaconda
      • If opponent goes to knees then switch to Guillotine
    • If opponent attempts double or single leg.
    • Sprawl then connect opponent in head arm cradle – roll to Darce attack.

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